35mm // Kodak 400tx

Lookout Mt., CO


“ No, taking photos is not hard. Capturing the honesty of a moment, however; Now that is the true challenge. ”

—    Dear Young Photographer,

Ebb & Flow

“ Sometime it’s a little better to travel then to arrive ”

—    Pg. 119

Chronological. B&W. Tryptic.

“ I remember that it hurt.
Looking at her hurt. ”


“ Cinematography is more than a camera, whether that camera is a Red an Alexa or a Bolex. There is a little more to it than resolution, colour depth, latitude, grain structure, lens aberration etc. etc. etc. The lenses used for ‘Citizen Kane’ were in no way as good as a Primo or a Master Prime and the grain structure in that film is, frankly, all over the place. But the cinematography? Well, you tell me. ”

—    Roger Deakins (via paulthomasandersonn)

(via purecinema)